The "EAR Search" tool searches for text and regular expressions within a given JAVA archive file (EAR, WAR, JAR and ZIP). The tool does recursively search within included archive files.

Command syntax is very simple, similar to grep:

Syntax: java -jar EARScanner.jar [-c] [-E] [-k] [-n] fileToAnalyze searchPattern
    -c: search within comments (following java.util.Properties definition)
    -E: treat searchPattern as a regular expression
    -k: keep exploded files and directories
    -n: show line number

Here are the few Open Source projects I have been working (playing!) on in the past few years.

This NAGIOS plugin allows to remotely monitor Windows hosts in a agentless fashion.


Technically it is using the Win32 API from a Windows proxy server to the remote host. Syntax wise it mirrors NSClient++ features.

sarmon_cpuall.PNG sarmon_disksum.PNG sarmon_net.PNG
CPU Disk Network

You probably know nmon for Linux and AIX if you come to this page...

Let me share some very sweet painting of one of the most famous french rococo painter of the 18th Century. More information from Wikipedia can be found here.

Just to share few interesting facts and pictures I have gathered over time!

I own myself a HTC Touch 3G, nice little toy, very fast, good battery life, 3G. Only thing I miss is FM radio and video output to watch movies from TV when I travel.

Two short articles I wrote on the matter:

So much tools, toys, code out there! May I suggest few of my favorite items.

Mobile TaskManager: view CPU and RAM usage and running processes
wince_tools_taskmgr1.jpg  wince_tools_taskmgr2.jpg
TouchPal: super user friendly keyboard. Switching between languages is super easy

Supporting Asian languages is quite a challenge for app and OS developers. By chance, well I should say by some recent enhancements, Windows Mobile carries strings natively with 2 bytes characters. Unfortunately the non Asian versions of the OS do not display characters outside the ASCII 256 bytes range characters, but only show white squares.

Switch off your light and check if you see a difference...


So what is the result, please post it now! Thanks

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